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Workshop on t-structures and related topics

July 7-9, 2011, Universität Stuttgart

Pictures taken during the workshop can be found here.

Notes, slides and texts provided by speakers:
The slides of Fernando Muro's talk are here.
Notes of the talk by Pedro Nicolas are here.
The slides of Manolo Saorin's talk are here.
Notes of Jan Stovicek's talk are here.
Notes of Jorge Vitoria's talk are here.
Notes of the talk by Jörg Wildeshaus are here.

Further stuff:

Contents: Titles and abstracts can be found here.

Schedule: The workshop started on Thursday, July 7, 2pm, and ended on Saturday, July 9, 1pm. The schedule of talks can be found here.

Participants: The list of participants can be found here.

Poster: A poster is available here.

Steffen König,
Matthias Künzer,
Qunhua Liu,
Jorge Vitória,

Acknowledgment: The workshop is partially supported by the DFG priority programme in representation theory, SPP 1388.

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